ALIO Photography is a boutique photography team made of up of myself, ALI, and my wonderful husband, Neal.  We photograph every portrait session at a location of your choice and love finding new and exciting places to photograph.  We are always ready for an adventure. We specialize in creating beautiful and unique artwork for your home, so that when you get home each day, you are surrounded by images that you love.
About Me: ALI* -- Full time mom of three beautiful babies, entrepreneur/small business owner of ALIO Photography, graphic designer, printing instructor at a local state facility, and a wellness coach as well.  I graduated from ECU in 2004 receiving a BFA. I worked for a photography company for 4 years, a photo lab for 2-3 years, and I started my company somewhere in between all of that around 2005!!  

I found my passion for photographing people while I was in college.  I love photographing my clients in fun, sophisticated ways, yet still capturing their personality and uniqueness. When photographing kids, I love making sure that the moms are included in some of the images as well, since usually the moms are the ones capturing the images but yet are rarely in them.  I believe that everyone is unique and I love being able to show that through my artwork.

I am the owner and main photographer for ALIO Photography, and will always put my heart into each and every portrait.  

ALIO Team Member -- Neal:  The co-owner of ALIO Photography, amazing daddy to our three babies, and currently working for a local lumber supply company.  A heart of gold, amazing work ethic, my handyman, and will always make your portrait session full of laughter and quirky-ness.  My right hand and the love of my life.